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One of the goals of our cluster is promoting the open field production. Therefore we use the 4 acres of soil in front of our office for promotional purposes. We have five different kind of crops:

  • Potatoes (in 2019: Fontane)
  • Sugerbeets
  • Carrots
  • Chicory
  • Spring Weed

The showroom-supervisor is Hans van Dijke.

Farmers in the neighbourhood are helping us. These so-called “Showroom-Farmers” are:

  • Potatoes – Maarten van Hoeve
  • Sugarbeets – Peter Roose & GertJan van Tilburg (Maatschap Roose-Van Tilburg)
  • Carrots – Maarten van Hoeve
  • Chicory – Michiel van Andel
  • Springweed – Maarten van Hoeve
  • Support – Albert Koops, Marien Verhage


One of our stakeholders is the French start-up Sencrop. This company sells connected rain and wind speed gauges for more precise, efficient, and eco-friendly agriculture. The digitally connected ag-weather station allows farmers to access real-time climatological data and parcel-specific weather conditions directly from their smartphone or computer. We also have a rain- and windstation:

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