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Knowledge exchange and innovation are stimulated at the Agrofoodcluster. There is collaboration with various initiatives in the agrofood sector, but also beyond. By working together we put the agricultural sector on the map in regional, national and international initiatives. The Agrofoodcluster is affiliated with Akker van de toekomst, Future Food Production, Technohub NOP and Koplopers Project. We are also ambassadors for the label “Made in the Noordoostpolder”.

Technohub NOP
Koploper project

Innovatiehub – Durable production in open field cultivation

In order to continue producing robustly and sustainably, we are increasingly focusing on smart farming. Together we ensure that sufficient food remains available for current and future generations. Together with the innovation hub, we look at the innovations that are already available and we help in the final steps towards practical use of these innovations. By sharing knowledge, sustainable impact can be made in the arable farming sector.

The Innovationhub is the initiative of the Agrofoodcluster.

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Activities of the innovationhub

  • We work together with education – concerning innovation
  • Demonstrations about smart farming and other innovations are organized
  • Robust support for the introduction of new innovations is given