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Origin Agrofoodcluster

In 2014, the Agrofoodcluster was launched. This cluster was initiated and founded by entrepreneurs from the Noordoostpolder and supported by the municipality of Noordoostpolder and the province of Flevoland. Meanwhile, the Agrofoodcluster is on the map (inter)nationally and has access to a large network in the open cultivation. Local, regional and (inter)national parties know how to find the Agrofoodcluster.

Target market

The Agrofoodcluster focuses on national companies, institutions and governments engaged in knowledge, innovation and business in open cultivation. We also include interest groups, sector organisations, clusters and top sectors. The main target group consists of companies in the open cultivation sector (business-to-business). The cluster has a neutral position in this regard and mainly aims to connect the various research groups.

The Agrofoodcluster serves its stakeholders and participates in relevant networks. However, we also seeks to connect with other cluster initiatives. Within these various networks, Agrofoodcluster aims to play an independent role between the various dimensions (research, government, education and entrepreneurs) that the Agrofood cluster unites.

Network in open cultivation, active in the whole supply chain

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