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We are proud to be the host to various (trade) delegations during the year. Ambassadors en business delegations visit us to see why the Netherlands plays such a significant international role in agribusiness. Of course, the soil, which was the former seabed, ensures that we are at the top of the worldwide potato and onion market. Therefore a tour at the field cannot miss out during the visits. We receive visitors at our office. Together we visit the stakeholders of the AgrofoodclusterOur stakeholders show their high-quality knowledge, good logistics, and years of experience.


World Potato City Emmeloord

Emmeloord and its surrounding villages (Noordoostpolder) form the largest potato municipality in The Netherlands. The region produces a significant part of all the seed potatoes exported over the world. The region contains good quality clay soil, growers’ knowledge, years of experience, and good infrastructure. You can visit the entire value chain in one day. This is why Emmeloord is: World Potato City Emmeloord.

World potato city