A strong group with an (inter)national voice!


In order to continue anticipating the latest market developments, strengthen one’s competitive position, retain and add job opportunities and stimulate investments, innovation is essential. The Agrofoodcluster, therefore, works hard to achieve that goal. Read more


The Agrofoodcluster collaborates closely with educators, researchers and entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between the education sector and the world of business. This serves to lower the threshold between knowledge institutions and SMEs. Read more


Bringing many businesses together allows us to combine our strengths. Our extensive network and the opportunities we provide create a range of business advantages. Furthermore, participating in the Agrofoodcluster allows parties to act as ‘one’ in the procedures. Read more

“Working together for the world of tomorrow”

The Netherlands is the second-largest exporter of agricultural goods in the world. There is a lot of knowledge available, and we have an innovative culture. Due to this, business is stimulated. Therefore, it is not without reason that the agri & food sector is an important sector for the international trade position of the Netherlands. Open cultivation plays a vital role within the agri & food sector. Cooperation within open field production is essential to tackle common themes: how do we ensure that we can continue responding to society’s ever-changing wishes? How do we maintain a solid competitive position in our sector? What should we do to keep open cultivation attractive for young entrepreneurs and increase interest in the sector? These and other overarching themes, regarding knowledge, business and innovation, are being discussed within the Agrofoodcluster.

Open field production is not only an important sector in the Netherlands but all over the world! That is why we are active both nationally and internationally.


Within the Agrofoodcluster is focused on knowledge, business, and innovation. All of the cluster’s activities and projects are organised around the following themes:

  • Employment & recruitment

  • International profiling

  • Knowledge

  • Chain & Cooperation

  • Network