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The Agrofoodcluster is a foundation, with a foundation board:

  • Chairman: Rob Donker
  • Secretary: Jolanda Berntsen (Aeres Dronten)
  • Treasurer: Hugo Jongejan (FlevoLof)
  • General member: Tineke de Vries (LTO), Henk Westerhof (SPNA), Dim Jan de Visser (Tolsma Grisnich), Jacob Wassenaar (Agrifirm), Marien Verhage (LTO), Frank van der Werff (HZPC), 
  • Adviser: Wietske Eilander (Rabobank)

The Agrofoodcluster is: An extensive agricultural network in open field production

Production must be market-oriented increasingly. Open cultivation is under intense scrutiny too. This requires extra attention from the sector to create added value. The Agrofoodcluster is an independent, entrepreneurially driven foundation, set up and financed by regional companies that are (inter)nationally active in and around the open cultivation and agrofood sector. The Agrofoodcluster is an extensive network in open field production and has enthusiastic and down-to-earth stakeholders, who care about the sector and work together on the following pillars: securing, spreading and recording knowledge, stimulating and facilitating practical innovation and research, and identifying and stimulating business opportunities in open cultivation. We bring entrepreneurs, education, government and research together to achieve this.

Working together pays off

The Agrofoodcluster is agricultural network in open field production. The Dutch arable farmer is appreciated all over the world. We want to maintain this position, both internationally and nationally. That is why we combine our stakeholders’ strengths develop together in the areas of knowledge, innovation, research and business. As a result, we work more efficiently and effectively. The signals for the future are being heard; together, we are shaping and responding to them.


“Maintaining and promoting a future-proof arable farming sector, with specific attention to the seed potato sector, by optimizing the necessary preconditions such as knowledge, education, research, and space for doing business. This is done within an intensive collaboration between growers, the business community, research and educational institutions and the government”

By connecting and combining stakeholders’ forces, innovation and knowledge is stimulated, and we prepare for the sector’s future. In this, the Agrofoodcluster has a central and connecting role. 


“To maintain and further develop the worldwide top position of the arable farming sector in the Netherlands, with special attention to the seed potato sector. This within the changing ecological and social preconditions.”

The Agrofoodcluster functions offline and online as a portal for knowledge and innovation in all aspects of open cultivation. We respond to current themes within the sector, to stimulate innovation, knowledge, research and business. By combining the stakeholders’ forces, business benefits are created.

Contact us:

Rein van de Wal

Knowledge Lead

Corne Rispens

Innovation Lead

Cor van Veldhuijsen

Managing Director/business

Sabine Veen

Marketing Manager