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Showcase of open field production

One of the goals of the cluster is the promotion of the agricultural sector. We especially focus on open field production. What could in this case be better than growing crops in front of the Agrofoodcluster office? In this way, we make  the sector accessible via a showcase. Here we show how the crops and our food grows. The 8 hectares of agricultural land is maintained by enthusiastic farmers from the region. 

We bring primary school students in contact with the agricultural sector on our field. Together we listen to the enthusiastic stories of our growers.

Our project leader Hans van Dijke guides, together with other farmers, the daily management. The growers’ names are mentioned behind the crops:

  • Potatoes – Dirk Beuling
  • Sugarbeets – Peter Roose & GertJan van Tilburg (Maatschap Roose-Van Tilburg)
  • Uien – Michiel van Andel
  • Wheat – Marien Verhage
  • Support – Albert Koops, Pieter van Reeuwijk en Gerrard van Tilburg, Wilbert Kaat (Agrifirm)
Open teelt

The Dutch weather is becoming more extreme. Heavy rainfall and periods of extreme drought alternate more often. The situation can be quite different locally. Reliable data and good planning offer a solution in terms of time but also in terms of costs. There is an AgroExact weather station at the Argrofoodcluster. This station measures the local weather conditions. Now we always know the weather conditions on the field!