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Education & Knowledge

One of our primary goals is to spread and secure knowledge about the entire open field production supply chain. We focus on applied science and research, on the knowledge transfer between schools and businesses, and from business to business. By doing this, want to discuss and resolve the existing gap between school-knowledge and business-knowledge. Please, find below an overview of all our activities in this field:

  • Several educational institutions are member of our cluster. AeresROC Friese Poort, Van Hall Larenstein. The employees of these organizations are involved in different projects and come in contact with business employees.
  • We actively support the development of a new education  Plant & Business bij Aeres MBO Emmeloord
  • Guest lectures
    • Center for innovative craftsmanship: Students in arable farming are taught by various companies in the agricultural sector.
    • Learning entrepreneurship together: Higher Vocational Education and Intermediate Vocational Education work together on an assignment from the business community.
    • Taste lessons: Students from the elementary school follow taste lessons. They are invited to cook together with the ingredients that grow on our fields. A tour with one of our farmers cannot be missed during this day.
  • Promotion of the sector als great place to work among students and young professionals.
  • Cooperation with the Potato Business School (international orientated B-t-B education about potatoes)
  • Developing e-learning on collaboration with Aeres 
  • Enriching education with new innovations together with the innovatiehub 
  • Sharing practical knowledge about precision farming
Kinderen komen op de kavel om te leren over de agro food sector
Onderwijs en bedrijfsleven gaan hand in hand.
Students carry out assignments through ``learning entrepreneurship together`` in collaboration with the business community.
Students from Aeres and Terra participate in the center for innovative craftsmanship
Elementary school students visited our shop window during the Taste Lessons.