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Voedselketen agro en food

Cooperation in the open cultivation

The Agrofoodcluster has 50 stakeholders. These are the foundation’s members. They pay an annual fee based on their annual revenue. We take action for, on behalf of and together with our stakeholders. Bringing these parties closer and expanding their view on the chain inspires fruitful cooperation in the open cultivation.

Participating in the cluster has even more benefits for these parties: we take action and develop products for and together with our stakeholders, to which they would otherwise not, or hardly have, access. First and foremost, the cluster protects the interests of the Netherlands and the Dutch agrofood sector; it is up to the individual members to promote their own business. Of course, we do use the cluster’s digital information channels to promote the stakeholders’ activities and vacancies.

We offer stakeholders added value with:

  • Our network
  • The collaboration within the chain
  • The collective
  • Bridging the gap between business and education (B-t-E)
  • Entrepreneurs / businesses are the foundation of the cluster. That will never change.

We spot trends and can make effective use of them because of our combined forces. We try to keep up to date and even get ahead of the competition: actions and cooperative alliances contribute to the activities and value of the Agrofoodcluster. Everything we do is based on our pillars: Knowledge, innovation, business and research.