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There is a world hidden behind the potato. We at HZPC have a passion for potatoes and are specialists in our field. We are an innovative market leader in potato breeding, seed sales, and product concept development.

Onze filosofie
In our work, we want to contribute to the development of responsible food for the growing world population. This may sound like a noble goal for a commercial company, but it is absolutely realistic for us. We are convinced that our potatoes can make a difference in the world. Why? Because potatoes are THE answer to the increasing demand for food.

Potatoes are the answer
Potatoes can be grown in a short period of time and require less water than other foods such as rice, wheat or maize. Potatoes also contain more essential nutrients: vitamins, fibre and minerals. We supply high-quality seed potatoes and provide professional growing guidance to increase yields under different growing conditions worldwide. Our varieties can make a difference; they already feed millions of people globally every day. We strive to allow everyone to grow our potatoes. That is how we give meaning to ‘growing with our potatoes.