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HLB Onderzoek

HLB is an independent private agricultural research institute. Plant and soil health is of central importance at HLB. We like to think along with our clients to formulate research questions and translate them into the field, lab and/or greenhouse tests. The set-up and execution of trials are carefully adjusted to the client’s wishes. Striving for excellence, optimum results, and practical applicability is a challenge for us.

HLB is specialised in research in the control of biological and non-biological factors. Biological factors include nematodes, fungi, viruses, insects, bacteria, weeds and beneficial soil life. HLB is also the designated institute for research into quarantine organisms. Non-biological factors are soil, nutrients, air and water management, environment and chemicals. Concrete examples are research focused on crop protection, fertilisers, cultivation, varieties and resistance. With its trial field service, laboratories, quarantine facilities and available trial fields, HLB can carry out trials adequately and efficiently.

De Groene Vlieg Biocontrol and Biodiagnostics is part of the HLB group and focuses on pest control in agriculture and horticulture by applying biological agents (sterile insects, parasites and predators), carrying out soil research and by monitoring pest organisms.
The results of the studies form the basis for giving cultivation advice. The aim is to use methods that are as environmentally friendly as possible. De Groene Vlieg Biocontrol is known for controlling the onion fly through the Sterile Insect Technique.