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Flevolof grows chicory roots. The Chicory root is the starting material for the professional chicory grower. 70% is exported to regions all over the world. Cultivation takes place at arable farms in the Noordoostpolder and Eastern Flevoland regions. Production, processing, storage, and export is managed from the head office in Espel. Since 1978, Flevolof has built up a lot of knowledge and experience with chicory root cultivation and chicory growing. Flevolof delivers this knowledge of chicory production to the customers.

The Noordoostpolder is known for its excellent climate, fertile soil, and excellent infrastructure with contracting companies, processors and cold stores. Water is available in sufficient quantities.

Flevoland is an excellent area for cultivating high-quality starting materials such as seed potatoes, flower bulbs and vegetable plants and seeds. Also, for chicory roots. The Noordoostpolder is known as the area of chicory in the Netherlands. With young fertile soil, a mild climate, good people and experienced companies.

In recent years we have seen an increasing demand for organic chicory roots. FlevoLof is responding to this trend. In Flevoland, there is sufficient good organic soil for growing organic chicory roots.

Flevolof provides a full-service range for professional chicory growers abroad with specialised partners. Such as turnkey projects, machines, installations and cultivation advice. The combination of knowledge and experience guarantees successful chicory growth.

Flevolof is the ideal partner for professional chicory growers both nationally and internationally.