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AJF Friesland

What does the future of the agricultural sector look like? We are Agrarische Jongeren Friesland (agricultural youth Friesland), the future generation of agricultural Fryslân and ready to start!

With our fields and animals, we are not only producers of good/healthy food, we also supply energy, and we can make an important contribution to the climate objectives. We take care of the Frisian landscape, the quality of life in the countryside, nature, and employment. To do this, we need a government that gives us space! To develop the companies in a direction that fits the landscape, the (type of) soil and the farmer. With the scope to increase diversity in our sector, we are creating a future-proof sector to ensure that the generation after us can also be happy farmers!

AJF is for all young people between 16 and 35 years old. After all, young people have their own opinion about agricultural policy and have their vision of the sector. AJF has 1000 members, divided over 18 departments throughout Friesland. AJF aims to promote knowledge, advocacy and socializing among young Frisian farmers.

Within AJF, two departments are active in arable farming. With approximately 150 young farmers, this is an important group of members for whom activities are organized regularly. In addition, AJF has shared its vision with, among others, political parties and other decisive organizations for agricultural policy in the coming years. For the arable farming sector, this involves, for example, maintaining high-quality arable land, the crop protection policy and the sensible use of fresh and saltwater in the region.

AJK Friesland and Groningen are stakeholders of the Agrofoodcluster