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Agrifirm gewasadvies
Agrifirm gewasadvies
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When it comes to food production, there is a big challenge. The current food chain is unable to provide food for the expected world population of 10 billion people in 20 to 30 years, taking into account climate issues, market developments, increasing consumer awareness and customer needs. As Agrifirm, we believe we can and must contribute to a responsible food chain for future generations.

For farmers and growers

Agrifirm supplies high-quality animal feed, premixes, concentrates, mineral mixtures and additives for the animal feed industry, products for crop and cultivation improvement, animal and crop-specific digital solutions and professional advice. For example, we offer nutritional solutions for enterprising livestock farmers, integrations, feed companies and distributors; and cultivation solutions for growers. We want to be the number one knowledge and problem solving partner for our customers in regard to animal feed, crops and animal, plant and soil health.

Agrifirm is one of the partners of Agrofoodcluster.