3 pillars

The Agrofoodcluster is based on three cornerstones: knowledge, innovatie and business. Everything we do, physical or virtual, is based on these pillars. Our target group is B-t-B, we have a national and international focus.


Innovation is necessary in order to be able to respond to market developments, strengthen competitiveness, maintain employment and increase investments. The Agrofoodcluster is very committed to this.


In order to reduce the gap between the education and business, the Agrofoodcluster works closely together with educational and research institutions and entrepreneurs. This also lowers the bar between research and educational institutions and small and medium-sized businesses.

Because participants display and share their knowledge through the cluster there is easier access to high-quality knowledge.


Because the cluster consists of a broad variation of organizations, we can create opportunities in business and funding. The participants can also work together on various subjects and can join each other in procedures for regional, national and European funds.