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Waterman Onions packs onions of the highest possible quality all year round. The combination of carefully selected purchasing, efficient and modern sorting and packaging machines and a worldwide reliable sales network offers added value for the chain parties. Waterman Onions is, therefore, the first choice for onion growers and customers all over the world.

The team of Waterman Onions has a strong passion, thorough knowledge and experience to deliver an onion of the highest possible quality: The Waterman Onion.
The chain shifts through cooperation. Transparency in working methods, information and prices is the key to a future-oriented company. Added value is found in customisation, small packaging and specials.

Growth is necessary but not a goal. Its customers see Waterman Onions as a reliable, sustainable and honest supplier of packaged onions. Our product and production processes comply with the highest achievable certificates and food safety requirements.

The promise of Waterman Onions ‘Excellence in the world of onions’.