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Carrots, that is what we are good at, at Top Fresh B.V. and Top Fresh Handel B.V. in Kraggenburg, Flevoland. We trade, grow and process carrots for buyers both national and international. The variety Top Fresh works with most is Imperator. Imperator carrots are long and slender, have a delicious, sweet flavour, a good colour, and a long storage life. These characteristics make them easy to process into snack carrots. These ready-to-eat carrots are also known as Baby Carrots.

Top Fresh and Top Fresh Trade in brief

  • Top Fresh: growing and processing Imperator carrots into Baby Carrots
  • Top Fresh Trade: trade in loose carrots
  • Also organic possible
  • Deliveries to domestic and foreign countries
  • Year-round good quality
  • High delivery reliability

From cultivation to Baby Carrot and trade
Top Fresh B.V. processes the Imperator carrots into Baby Carrots, while Top Fresh Handel B.V. mainly focuses on the trade of carrots. We are happy to tell you more about our products, quality, and way of growing and processing.