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Aardappels rooien

Rabobank Noordoostpolder-Urk serves entrepreneurs in the Food & Agri sector who are active in agriculture, flower bulbs, horticulture, glasshouse horticulture and intensive animal husbandry. Our head office is in Emmeloord. We also have an office in Urk. You will find a healthy spirit of enterprise in our working area.
Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for innovation with the will and perseverance to make something of it. Rabobank Noordoostpolder-Urk is a bank that perfectly matches those character traits. Modern, independent, enterprising and with a cooperative character.


Rabobank is a cooperative. We do not have shareholders but members. That makes us different from other banks. The Management Team leads Rabobank Noordoostpolder-Urk, develops its policies and is responsible for keeping clients and members central. The members council forms an important link between the clients and the bank and represents the 10,000 members in Emmeloord, Urk, Bant, Espel, Nagele, Creil, Marknesse, Ens, Kraggenburg, Luttelgeest, Tollebeek and Rutten.