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Holland Agri Foods

With its headquarters in Emmeloord and 1,100 hectares of farmland in the immediate vicinity, Holland Agri Foods is a fast-growing player in the agri sector. Holland Agri Foods is a supplier of potatoes, onions, carrots, garlic and French fries in the Netherlands and over 70 other countries around the world.

Because of our many years of arable farming experience, we have a lot of practical experiences of products and the market. Our employees can advise you when which products are available, where they are available, when the right purchase moments are, and how we can get them to your destination most economically and efficiently. Due to our employees’ extensive experience and constant training, we are always aware of regulations and the correct documentation for shipments. We use all this knowledge to guarantee the quality of our products every day.

Global player
Holland Agri Foods exports to more than 70 countries worldwide, including many South American, African and Asian countries. As a result of its frequent business with these countries, Holland Agri Foods is well-informed of all the different working methods and regulations in these countries. Holland Agri Foods’ experience is reflected in the correct and most efficient way of planning its transport. To ensure the quality of the products, Holland Agri Foods always the proper form of transportation is used (right temperature, ventilation and air humidity).

Holland Agri Foods considers reliability to be of paramount importance. We only load the products with our packers after careful quality control on location. Our products often have to make long journeys to other continents, so only top-quality products are suitable.