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Introduction Agrico
A powerful, cooperative organization that markets potatoes worldwide, grows new varieties and devises innovative solutions. From the very first seed to the supermarket shelf. Grown on Dutch soil, but nowadays with the whole world as its field: that’s Agrico! Agrico’s potatoes find their way to customers in more than 80 countries worldwide. Internationally we work closely with an extensive network of subsidiaries and agents.

Agrico Research Bant
Agrico Research works intensively on developing new, innovative potato varieties and is the leading knowledge institute in this field. Our priorities as a research and development institute are:

  • Higher yields
  • Improved nutrients
  • Improved and enhanced flavor profiles
  • High natural resistances to potato diseases
  • Suitability for specific climates and soil types

With these in mind, the breeding objectives at Agrico Research are aimed at developing varieties to meet the specific wishes of growers, the processing industry and consumer demand, both now and in the future, and around the world.