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Knowledge =

Safeguarding, distributing and recording practical, applicable and transferrable knowledge of open cultivation in all its facets. We leave the applied science and research with other parties: the knowledge of secondary and tertiary vocational education and higher education, combined with practical knowledge and experience.

The Netherlands’ added value is knowledge. Furthermore, we think about how to attract highly educated people to the region: what you need to do today to reap the benefits tomorrow. This applies to both the open cultivation sector as a whole and the combination with other sectors, e.g. space and composite.

Innovation =

Innovation comes from the way in which we take action and the means we use to execute our projects, assets and themes.

Business & promotion =

Spotting and stimulating business opportunities and promoting the full breadth of the sector with our activities. Becoming a member of the cluster does not result directly in new or more business: collaboration, knowledge exchange, knowledge about and of each other and a more comprehensive view of the chain can lead to increased efficiency. This creates opportunities for the Agrofoodcluster’s stakeholders.

The Agrofoodcluster is:

A cluster founded and financed by regional organisations that operate on the (inter)national level in and around the open cultivation sector. Its pillars are safeguarding, distributing and recording knowledge, stimulating and facilitating practical innovation and spotting and stimulating business opportunities in the sector.



By establishing, initiating and stimulating connections, the Agrofoodcluster serves as an off- and online portal for knowledge and innovation pertaining to all aspects of the open cultivation sector, with resulting business advantages. We play a key role between the fields of entrepreneurship, research, education and government: in our actions and our presentation, the interests of our stakeholders, the Netherlands as a whole and the sector are paramount. We play a connecting role in this regard.


Vision: The AFC offers the knowlegde you need

It is an independent, neutral organization, founded by businesses and organizations in the open cultivation and agrofood sector, with former subsidy support from the government, with the goal of combining all knowledge and innovative strength found in the open cultivation sector and making it available to interested parties and stakeholders. The cluster plays a connecting role in this regard, which ultimately leads to a range of business opportunities. We are independent, active and enthusiastic.