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The Agrofoodcluster builds connections in open field production

The Agrofoodcluster builds connections in the entire chain of open field production. We are a non-competitive cluster. All aspects of the open field production are represented. The cluster plays a central role. We have an extensive and active network.


The Agrofoodcluster is a foundation set up for and by entrepreneurs. As a result, we know what is important. We are real go-getters, connected, and work in a practical way. Together with our stakeholders, we respond to current events within the sector. We work on themes that are vital to all stakeholders. Because we focus on themes that concern the whole sector, also competitors work together within the Agrofoodcluster. We learn from each other; there is close cooperation between entrepreneurs and education, but also government and research institutions work together with the Agrofoodcluster.

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samenwerking in de open teelt


Education plays a major role in the cluster. Collaboration with the educational sector exists at multiple levels. An example is that the Agrofoodcluster wants to bridge the gap between businesses and educational institutions. We realise this by bringing the various parties together by hosting job application training sessions at schools, for instance.

We teach classes of students on location too, e.g. about supply chain management or the importance of clusters. During these sessions, a representative from the business world is always there to share their insights.

Furthermore, we organise visits from elementary and high-school students to our showcase or one of our stakeholders. This allows us to shed light on the sector in an accessible manner, improve its familiarity and show off the breadth of the sector in terms of job opportunities and functions.

Various educational institutions are members of the cluster.


Some participants in the cluster, such as the NAK and HLBbv, are active in the world of research. The development centres of HZPC, Agrico Research, KWS and Den Hartigh also conduct a ton of research. These parties are important links in the (potato) chain.

Furthermore, we have ties to parties active in the open cultivation and technology sectors at the scientific and practical level.

onderzoek in de open teelt


Collaboration and coordination are paramount for the proper functioning of a sector. As a cluster, we have an extensive network with various parts of the government. This occurs at different levels, from the national level down to the local level. We also maintain close bonds with government organizations, like the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). This allows us to open themes that affect our entrepreneurs up for discussion. We also develop cooperative alliances and partnerships to develop new technologies, for instance, or discuss the conditions in the employment market.


The Agrofoodcluster has an extensive network of proud stakeholders who are active in or affiliated with one of the four subjects the Agrofoodcluster focuses on (Entrepreneur, Education, Government or Research) and have a relationship with open cultivation. The entire chain is represented in the cluster, from development to financial services, engineering, ICT, and research to education. A strong network within open cultivation is created by focusing on joint subjects.

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